When a dream finally come true.

Of course, when a huge amount of pleasant and interesting stuff happen in your life, you also happen to have absolutely no time to write about it. Isn't it so?

And just when the climax of the pleasant events happened, I thought I'd have time to write about it the day after. Boy was I wrong. Cause then one of the biggest events in my life happened the exact day after the climax. Some kind of an updated climax you might say.

The 2nd of December, the first climax was the live event with HITT, LLOY, ZIZ and SPEECIES, thus I saw Közi psychobitch again, for the 2nd time, if I'd have ever thought *sigh*

And the day after, I got announced by mail that I'd have to take my ticket to Tokyo for the 18th of December to start working shorthly afterwards.




That was 2 hectic days to say the least. Too many emotions at once. I was drowning in them by that point.

Now, 1 week after, I've been through the worst feelings of stress I've ever feeled, actually thinking I was going to die of a heart attack on the plane to Denmark from Paris. Haha. That was bad.

Yep, because as a danish citizen living in France, in order to get the working holiday visa, I have to go get it in Denmark. And I only have 2 weeks in all to get everything done before the Grand Departure.

Go to Denmark, do visa, go back to Paris try to see friends before leaving, go to the South of France to say goodbye to family, do suitcase, go back to Paris and only THEN, get the goddamn plane for the T to the O-kyo.

Now I'm at my favourite cousins place, in the middle of a snow storm in cold little Denmark, with her little freshly baked family, a boy and a new born girl, with whom I'm so disconnected from the world, I actually forget I'm going to Japan. And that's a good thing, or I'd be sick by now. And there's only 1 week left..

I'd like to write about the live and about the weeks before that, cause it has been a lot of fun for me lately. But there're gonna be so many more interesting stories to come in the next year... oh so many typical "gaijin girl in japan" stories, yaha! 

This time it's for REAL!!


I'll go frollic in the snow with joy, if you excuse me~~~~



Lolita SHOCK!

When me and my sister went to Denmark this summer, we went to Tivoli (theme park) where there happened to be a free concert of a danish band called DÛNE. We didn't know this band but we found out that they are pretty good. A nice easy listening rock band, that even I liked. And they were really good on stage, keybordist was hilarious.. Sister bought one of their cd's and I just absolutely love one of their melancholic songs~ I pretty much see them gain international success one day. I hope so x)

Then today I finally found this amazing lolitas blog that I've been searching for, cause she's one of the beautifullest of them all, she's now on the same level than Chokonyan for me <3 She has a very different style than others and it pretty much looks like what I wanted to achieve back in the days, cause she's deliciously old-school~
Anyway, this lolita?
Knows DÛNE.
And she's crazy about the vocalist, oh surprise!

It just kind of made me extatic as she's talking about XA-VAT quite a bit and well, it's a safe guess she's a Malice Mizer fan~ Oh I wanna meet this girl~~~
When going to Japan~~~

Yah, yah, I'm very probably going for one year now, maybe in May x) Cause everything with the make-up school I wanted to do sorted out perfectly and everythings fine.

And here's my blogspot, I forgot to update:

Glitter Lagoon

Oh I could go on and on about this lolita, she's so interesting! But.. I'll stop.

Me want!

I'm still trying to make my layout on blogspot, it's such a pain! In the end it's way harder than here.. shoot.

But other than that, I found thiiiisssssss!

I want this appartment! It's big, there's an actual kitchen, shock and horror! And it's a bit traditional like! It's not even that expensive.
But I'll probably still end up in a guesthouse anyway.. if I'll ever go that is.


Ha! I finally fixed the layout here and then now, after much much thought, I decided to open an account at blogspot.. typical! I’m in the processes of making it now even..
I’m cheating on you livejournal T.T

Now I'm not going to leave lj completely, I'm way too attached to my journal. I've had it for 7 years dude!
I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to split up the use of the 2. I see most people using lj for personal stuff, and blogspot for the public frivolities~ I don't really want to do that, because I simply do not want a "lifestyle blog" which is so on fashion right now. I guess I'll just talk nonsense here, as I've always done, I consider no one ever really understands what I'm trying to say here XD And make posts with a bit more sense on blogspot. Well written thoughts about life I guess. Yes I'm such a philosopher.

And so, I’ve been trying to figure out just what my officialus official nickname should be.. hey it's important in our digital area!

Anchu is what I’ve been called for several years now, but it kind of bothers me that the one who started it is not a friend anymore. Moreover I don’t like the look of it. And it may also sound stupid. But it’s a pretty good combination of my name and childhood nicknames. Angela- Angie- Buchi. Anchu.
I think I'll go with just that..
But Buchi would be fun, it means something like "hitting".. something violent in all cases. Ironic with my frame.

I need to do an End of Year Celebrations post, but I can't be bothered now.


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Happy New Year!

This years resolution:

Do something important and be succesful in it. And once again meet people.
Which will be easier this year as I am in all case scenarios, going somewhere where there's *shock* people!

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Browsing Unu's blog and then...

A Priiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiince! ♥ Oh shoot!
That has to be in Ginza.
Besides that guy, I've ended up thinking Unu's cute as hell. I never liked her weird looking face and didn't understand why people like her that much. Well actually there's something heart-warming about her face and expression. And she's a taller lolita. It's always good to be reminded that you don't need to be a midget to be cute!

Welp, I'm searching for some vintage pastel roller skates cause it's fun and it looks good with fairy kei x)  I found some extra cool "Polly Pocket" ones on ebay, but of course all the cool stuff is only for kids. I actually would rather like some Smurfy skates, when I thought about that I stumbled on a Smurfette figurine with skates on XD I'll keep on searching for some Disney skates instead.

Tonight I also tried to find a fake-eyelash look that would really suit me. A routine I could repeat for days I'm not in the mood for experimenting. Cause all those girls out there have their own little personal way to mix lashes and dispose them around their pretty circle lensed eyes to make them unique.
I think I need to go for the more "natural" look, as in Popteen. My bottom lashes are already long enough, and I need heavy make-up when putting fake ones on the bottom, that stuff just takes too long. I'll have another try tomorrow~
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Something strange happened today. An online friend I've known for about 5 years, and that I actually met here on livejournal, completely out of the blue told me to never contact him again. I don't know how to take it and even less know what made him take that decision.
We used to chat when I had the possibility too (I miss that actually, having the possibility), text message each other from time to time and send PM's on facebook recently. That's what we were doing these 2 past weeks, taking several days each time to answer each on our side, just casual talk. I didn't get time to answer this time, before he ended up sending a hurtful "P.S." a week after his last message.
Why all of a sudden? Fed up with waiting? Would seem weird as he's always been patient and he took his time as well.
Got back with his girlfirend? He did always stop asking for news when that was the case, which of course is a special super sucker thing to do. Maybe this time it just turned out being serious. Or maybe she asked him to cut off the contact. 
Or maybe he's just lunatic. I've been spending some time now wondering why I always stumble on weird ass people who seem nice and cool, then all of a sidden hurt you like that. Javier did that, Colinda did that, the colleagues I got along with were all the weirdos. And then this happens. Lesson to be learned: be more careful with who you befriend. But HOW can I be more careful than I already am, as I'm the selective-bitch of all the selective bitches out there?! Pick the stupid ones, then maybe it'll turn out differently?
Well, as I actually consider working in Japan for some time I need to get used to this kind of shit anyway. Suck it up!

Eeeyrm.. What I actually wanted to shout about is Takuma! Or TKM, as you wish.
Oh I only got a visual crush on him now, after all this time. Maybe it's because, when I used to "read" through the pretty lolita's blogs, I didn't know if the stunning Prince-type in the photos was a girl or a guy.
It's a boy! The kind you have to look at from a far. But he rocks the Sexiest Item-combo existing on earth for the male kind:

No not the small round headed girl and a VW orb (which are very nice items though)

Tights + Rocking horse shoes.

.. Assuring me a sudden death on the inside.
Why oh why is this kind of style not explored more? His style is kind of unique but the base is there: Prince-kei!

I miss walking around in mah Rocking horses. It's so damn fun! ☆
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(no subject)

Ooh how nice, I was thinking about that amateur look-alike program that was aired back in Denmark when I was a kid and how I'd like to see something like that on french TV. And then tonight there's a look-alike contest on tf1 XD Well it's not as fun cause you don't see them change backstage but it's still a good laugh!

These days I have 2 occupations: learn jap and sew. Cause O-M-G, I took out my 5 year old sewing project, a replica of a black Atelier Pierrot dress I fell in love with (but didn't have money to buy back then). It got cut short though cause there was not enough fabric to finish the under-part, so I left it in pieces and completely undone. But some days ago I got struck with an idea to make it work, and now I'm quite happy I didn't get to finish it back then, cause my idea kicks ass so much more than the dress I originally wanted to do x)))
I was a bit afraid it would look stupid though as it's going to recall 3 different fashion areas, 16th,18th and 19th century. That's a bit much. But I'll see how it works out, I'm kinda trusting myself here for once.
And then catastrophe! The scissors are dead and the sewing machine needs a new needle, how the hell am I going to sew then? I have to wait for monday to come T.T For eff's sake, I finally decided to be active a bit. (Active but I'm still sleeping 12 hours and wake up in the afternoon. And when I'm feeling creative in the evening well there's not enough light to do anything. Oh poor me!)

I want to do something about my hair but I shouldn't! I wanna.. get bangs or something. The non bangs'y hair is good though cause you can do so much more with it. But it's more gyaru like than anything else, true true.. Argh!

(no subject)

Seriously TV? The first day in 2 months that I'm really damn tired, feeling like I have a bag on my head, you have to diffuse 2 good movies in a row? That french thriller with a terribly bad title that I've been wanting to see for quite some time, and "The Others"? I don't like thrillers and I don't like to be scared cause yes ghosts are scary (and omg zombies too) but I want to see them god dammit!

I'm tireeeeeED!

Dix/dix/dix at Dix o'clock

Today is

DIX day 

It's a special day. Cause it only happens once every 1000 years. So we'd expect Mana to have some kind of an event, a live, or a single.. a preview of the album at least!
Instead, Mana writes on his journal.
"Omg this is a once in a lifetime thing!!

We're recording the drums track!"

Yeaaah! Just as yesterday! Dissapointing Mana, dissapointing.

Collapse )
Oh god this day is unbelievable XiD DIX is EVERYWHERE! 10 here, 10 there, you can't escape it. There's magic behind this number, I tell you.
Excuse me while I'll go listen to Dix infernal, making evilly hot and DIXlicious chocolate, and end up in front of the Moi dix Mois ~Invite to Immorality~ DVD.

Dix out \m/
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